Think, Talk, Imagine: Ebooks & Cards (PDFs)

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This high value bundle includes our popular & substantive Critical Thinking & Conversation series, our customer fave What's the Story and our three sets of e-cards - which are great for casual, in-the-moment brain-boosting fun.

The bundle includes (click the title to view description & sample pages):

  • 103 Ethical Dilemmas, Questions & What Ifs: An entire ebook devoted to one of the best conversation starters ... scruples!
  • Decisions & Dilemmas: 100 wide-ranging scenarios that keep things fun while testing & exercising those all-important decision-making skills.
  • Agree or Disagree?: 110 engaging debate topics & questions to help strengthen the ability to reason, persuade and build an argument.
  • A Book of Questions: 99 interesting scenarios & topics that get kids thinking about what kind of society they want to live in - and how they can help build it.
  • What's the Story: 111 narrative-based scenarios that will put those creative thinking skills to the test. Our most unique book, and an all-around fave.
  • Think On Your Feet - Cards: More than 270 questions & 136 cards that will give your critical, creative & lateral thinking skills an in-the-moment work-out.
  • Random Conversations - Cards: 200 e-cards in this ALL AGES package will get you talking - but it's up to you to turn that talk into a conversation.
  • Would You Rather: 150 silly, serious and brain boosting would you rather questions for all ages.

👉  FYI! Each title comes with 2 PDFs: one for viewing on digital devices and one optimized for printing.


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