What we do

Based in Toronto, we create ebooks & ecards that exercise critical & creative thinking and generate conversation, while keeping things fun.

Though we focus on ages 9-ish to teens, of all levels, we also offer some all ages materials.

As of summer 2022, everything is in PDF format. In some cases we include two versions - one ideal for easy viewing on phones and another for printing.  

Our mission in a nutshell

This image features our Book of Questions penguin, who wears a monocle and looks wise.We started Furious Think because we wanted to offer a fun and simple way to help grow critical & creative thinking skills and to inspire great conversations. We consider these things to be assets in life - and to be fundamentally human.
Overall, we hope to help prepare young people for the future. We hope to boost the critical, strategic and creative thinking skills needed to succeed as individuals and to be decent citizens who can help create a decent world. But in case everything goes sideways 😬 , we also want to help ensure they have what it takes to face uncertainty. 
And while yes we're serious about our mission, we're even more serious about keeping our content (for the most part) fun. 

For all levels

We try to create materials that can work for any and all levels within that 9 to teen age range. 

With this in mind, we focus a lot on open-ended questions and on ensuring our items are engaging, so that kids like using them.

We often hear back from customers that our content is different, creative and and that kids love it. This is the best feedback we could receive.

What makes us different

Our focus is on making the content engaging if not a bit quirky. To do this, we draw from a vast well - Ancient Greek philosophy, political strategy, history, science & tech issues, anything sci fi, fairy tale & fantasy-related, global news, topics on social media, pop culture, even cheesy action movies.

All of these ideas get connected, reimagined and reshaped into scenarios and topics that are substantive, interesting, fun and that seem to capture kids' - as well as adults' - attention and imagination. 


Personally - like as people - we crave simplicity. You'll find this mood reflected in our distraction-free design and in our approach to content. 

Our stuff is easy to digest.

Where to buy our materials

On our website!

Social media (or lack thereof!)

As a small business, time is not on our side. We do our best to keep up with social media - but when it gets busy, you may notice that we post less frequently.

Currently, we're on Facebook and we recently launched on Instagram where we are slllooowwwllly - 🐢 - building our presence.

But most of all we really could use some recommendations on our Facebook page! In 2022, we'll start to work on this. 

Our contributors

Furious Think is run by editor/publisher Cynthia Reynolds who works with a collective of contributors in Toronto and Ottawa. This includes our invaluable lead designer Kim Mallette and illustrator extraordinaire Silvia Stanziola.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to send us an email at hello@furiousthink.com!