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    Free sample! Check out these 3 sample pages for our new A Collection of Unusual Animals. All kids need is a pencil and their imagination:

    • How to: create an image or series of images that “shows” the meaning of the title and write a short, fun caption underneath. Enjoy! The complete book is in the works, and will be ready in the coming weeks.

    Master Your Math Facts: Mini Practice Pack (FREE!)

    • FYI Our Master Your Math Facts Mini Pack will be back soon! We just need to make a couple updates.
    10 ways to transform Decisions & Dilemmas
    • Find our list of ways to get more out of Decisions & Dilemmas.
    Storyboard Notebook - Ideas for How to Use 9 tips for making conversation
    • A great set of tips whether you're looking to build meaningful discussions or casually shooting the breeze. Have a look!

    6 ways to conquer the essay opener Tongue twisters and public speaking Tips on how to write a fable
    • In our Book of Questions Workbook, we ask kids to create a fable in order to get a message across. This page offers some tips on how to do this.
    Creating stories: the Hero's Journey
    • This page is dedicated to providing storytelling inspiration by exploring the stages and characters of the Hero's Journey. A must for story buffs!