9 Conversation Tips

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If you know us, you know we love inspiring awesome conversations for kids & teens. Check out 9 of our favourite tips! 


1. Ask questions

Questions keep the conversation going and show you're interested in what people have to say. (But don't overdo it: too many questions can feel like an interrogation!)


2. Share

Conversations come alive when people share their stories, experiences & opinions.


3. Respect privacy

Sharing is great, but not everyone likes to dish about every detail of their lives. People will share what they're willing to, no need to make things awkward by prying.

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4. Bridge the gap

When a lull occurs, try bridging to a related topic. For example, if you had been talking about a new movie, you could throw out a question on celebrity culture.


5. Don't hog the conversation!

Just. Don't.


6. Listen. (But for realsies)

We're all guilty of it - not really listening, just waiting for our turn to speak. But it's a thumbs down move. It's important to listen so people know they're valued. Plus, you might actually learn something.

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7. Be mindful of language

Language evolves. Things that may have seemed OK to say yesterday may no longer be cool to say today. That's all.


8. "Be curious, not judgmental."

That's a quote from the 19th century American poet Walt Whitman. Here's our takeaway: It's easy to judge. But it's a lot more interesting to be curious. Embrace tip #1. Ask questions, be open-minded, seek to know MORE from people not less.


9. Leave things on a good note

Conversations can be fun. But these days they can also be incredibly intense, even divisive. Try to end on a positive note. Find a last thing to say that everyone can agree on, be hopeful about or laugh at.


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