Critical & Creative Thinking Printables (PDFs)

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This bundle features our awesome critical & creative thinking PDFs that are for printing and writing in. You can print out the full PDF or pick and choose the pages you want. 

The bundle includes (click the title to view description & sample pages):

  • Can You Listicle?: 85 "listicles" that exercise critical, creative, lateral & strategic thinking skills. The content is fun - and encourages kids to think outside of the box.
  • Amazing Brain 97 activity pages of fun, challenging & interesting content that works a wide range of critical & creative thinking skills
  • The Comic Strip Challenge: 50 comic strips that activate young people's creative thinking and visual storytelling skills.
  • A Collection of Unusual Animals: 50 pages featuring a title of an unusual animal to encourage kids to interpret ideas visually and practice short-form writing. Ideal for getting comfortable taking creative and storytelling risks.
  • A Book of Questions Workbook: A companion to A Book of Questions that focuses on turning thinking into writing, which challenges kids/teens to clarify, order and strengthen their ideas.


What to know about downloading the books:

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  • The link itself will stay open for 2 weeks. If you miss the window, please email us at to reactivate it. 

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Copyright info: 

We're creating our PDFs for use at home or in the classroom. As such, buyers of may share the contents with kids, students, learners of any age for educational-related purposes.

Please kindly adhere to the spirit of copyright by not sending around the full PDF! 

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