The Comic Strip Challenge! Draw, Write, Create (PDF)

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This PDF is all about using your imagination to create and tell stories, comic strip style. But to do the tasks at hand, kids and teens (adults too!) will need to exercise their critical, creative and strategic thinking skills.

How it works:

  • We give you a title and you come up with a short comic strip that goes with it. You can interpret the title however you want, and you have up to 12 boxes to tell your story (six boxes on the first page, six on the following).
  • You'll need to create characters, think about setting, and come up with a beginning-middle-end story idea to reflect and fulfill the title. (We give you a few storytelling tips in the intro pages.)
  • Some titles are fill in the blank.
  • There are 50 titles in total.Ā 


Sample of a complete comic strip called the Lazy Penguin

Above is theĀ first page, there are 6 additional boxes on the following page.

What else to know?

  • There are a series of blank templates at the back if you want to come up with your own comics.

  • Just like in any comic book, you can use word bubbles to add dialogue and/or thought bubbles to show what your characters are thinking.

  • You can add visual interest by drawing fun graphics like BAM! CRASH! WHAM! OOPS! etc.

  • You donā€™t have to be good at drawing for this. You can always keep things simple by using basic squares and shapes (stick people are great!) to tell your story.

Sample Page for the Comic Strip Challenge: Title is The (fill in the blank) Vampire

Sample Page Comic Strip Challenge. The title is: That's So Not a Rock

Other titles include:

  • The Missing Sock
  • The Phony __________
  • The __________ Chef
  • A Terrifying Pop-Out
  • Total Fail

This PDF is created on regular paper size (8.5" x 11"), and the inside pages are in black and white to go easy on your ink.

Think hard - and enjoy!

Age range: Pretty much for all ages (reading/writing age and up)!

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