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Create Stories: Write, Draw and Indulge Your Imagination

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How it works:

Whether through words, images or both, this package is all about creating stories – and challenging the brain.

It requires brainstorming, imaginative problem-solving, as well as flexible, clever and critical thinking. And it will nudge you to take storytelling risks.

In this package, there are 115 themes or ideas that will inspire your stories. These are universal themes and ideas that are commonly found in books, in films and across the overall human experience – you’ll recognize them instantly.

You take these thematic seeds and let a story spring up and take shape around them. Some will be easier than others!

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Sample pages:

Sample page of the grid, from our Create Stories PDF

Above: Each theme/idea is provided at the top of our storytelling grid. Whether you’re writing or drawing, the grid helps clarify the different aspects of the story. You then choose a template to present your story. 

Sample for Create Stories featuring a handwritten story called The Love Triangle

(Theme: There is a love triangle; Short story with image or pull-quote template)


Image depicts a mood board featuring an orange monster and a loving penguin

(Theme: A hideous monster has a heart of gold; Moodboard template)

 Sample storytelling illustration entitled Chased, featuring a green blob chasing a stick figure

(Theme: Someone, thing or group is chased by a monstrous thing; Single image landscape template)

Sample of the comic strip template for Create Stories. Features brightly coloured illustrations of a monster taking power

(Theme: A maniac rises to power!! Comic strip template)

Sample page showing the Thumbnails template for Create Stories. This image features a brightly coloured house with a cloudy sky that includes red menacing eyes
(Theme: Someone or some group is being watched. This features the Thumbnails template, which has been interpreted creatively by the artist!)

The full slate of templates:

  • shorty story (one includes a space for a small illustration or pull-quote)
  • comic strip (four layout options)
  • storyboard
  • single image (portrait and landscape options)
  • four images on a page
  • thumbnails 
  • moodboard (four options) 

The series of templates are at the back of the PDF, after the main grid section.


More examples of themes:

  • Two very different people become friends or allies.
  • A disaster – either natural or manmade – wreaks havoc.
  • Misfits/outcasts shake things up.
  • A character has a phobia - and at some point must face it.
  • Someone becomes obsessed with something.
  • Booby traps!

Ages: 10-ish or so and up

Size of file: 441 KB | 143 pages

Paper size: 8.5" x 11"

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