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Think On Your Feet! Critical & Creative Thinking Cards

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This package includes two PDFs:

  • Our DIGITAL/SINGLE CARD version is created with one card per page that is easily viewed on a digital device. Depending on the program you use, you may want to choose the "single page" setting for ideal viewing.
  • Our PRINTABLE/CUTTABLE version is ideal for printing and then cutting into cards along the dotted line. There are 8 cards per page. (For sturdier cards, you may want to use card stock.) 


Overall, these easy-to-use cards will give you a fun & in-the-moment way to work-out those all-important critical, creative and lateral thinking skills. Some questions also test memory and knowledge.

You'll get over 270 questions & 136 cards featuring two questions per card.


This image is a sample page from our Think On Your Feet pack of printable/cuttable cards. It features 8 cards per page with each card separated by a dotted line
The above image represents the printable/cuttable cards. Below are samples from the single card pack.
This image features card #136 with a purple word bubble. It is from our Think On Your Feet PDF
This image features card #25 with a yellow word bubble. It is from our Think On Your Feet PDF
This image features card #118 with a yellow word bubble. It is from our Think On Your Feet PDF

How to use

There are no specific rules for how to use these cards. They’re flexible.

  • You can adapt them for different age ranges and levels by getting participants to come up with more or fewer answers than what the card asks for.
  • For example, if a card asks to come up with three shades of blue, you can change that to one shade or five shades – or just keep going until the answers run out.
  • You can also use the cards for the purpose that best fits your needs.
  • For instance, you can create a game with either single player or multi-player teams competing against each other where a timer is used and score is kept.
  • You can also have kids take turns answering the questions. Or you can just holler out the question inviting anyone and everyone to come up with answers.


Printing: The printable pages are created on standard letter size, 8.5" x 11". 

Age range: Pretty much for all ages, though some cards would be difficult for under 9.

Size of file: single card/digital - 139 pages, 390KB |  printable -  21 pages, 339 KB

Created: 2022

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