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Random Conversations: 200 Digital & Printable Cards

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This package includes two PDFs:

  • Our DIGITAL/SINGLE CARD version is created with one card per page that is easily viewed on a digital device. 
  • Our PRINTABLE/CUTTABLE version has 8 cards per page. It is ideal for printing and then cutting into cards along the dotted lines. 


Each of the more than 200 cards in this ALL AGES package will get you talking - but it's up to you to turn that talk into a conversation. You can do this by swapping stories, sharing memories, asking questions, exchanging opinions and bridging to related topics. 

Conversation Card Sample 1
Sample card 2: topic restaurant experiences

You'll find the topics can be silly, intriguing, thought-provoking and... sometimes completely random, like the title suggests. While some topics are easily turned into conversations, others (just like life) are more challenging. 

Sample card 3, topic: pets
Sample 4, topic: silver linings

Sample card 5, topic: tentacles vs gills

With this package, we hope to help build up the confidence and capacity to converse and communicate in a variety of situations. We also hope to offer a fun way to just shoot the breeze with whoever is around in the moment.

Sample card 8, topic: nervousness
Sample card 6, topic: online privacy
Sample card 8, topic: stupid questions


Age range: Pretty much for all ages.

Printing: The printable pages are created for standard letter size, 8.5" x 11". 

Size of file: single cards package - 200 pages, 553KB |  printable package -  29 pages, 390 KB

Created: 2022

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