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Draw Stuff! Be Creative Every Day

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What this PDF all about?

This PDF is focused on activating the creative brain every day through sketching or drawing. It includes more than 400 prompts across 106 pages. There are four (sometimes three) prompts per page - one for each box. 

How would you describe this PDF in one word? Flexible. You can take just 20 seconds or 20 minutes to create an image. You can rough sketch with pencil, create colourful drawings, add speech bubbles or other text elements. You can embrace different styles, doodle outside the lines, interpret the prompts literally or take creative liberties. It's all up to you.

Do you have to be good at drawing? Nope. You just have to follow your imagination where it takes you.

What's the age range? Probably age 9 and up, as some prompts require deeper thinking to interpret. (That said, younger kids constantly surprise us. So check out the sample prompts below.)

Sample template:

Draw Stuff template with four drawing prompts and four associated boxes for drawing in

Note: most pages don't feature a word bubble, but this one does!

More about the prompts: Each page offers a range of prompts, from the straightforward to the more interpretive. We also weave in more challenging prompts at the end to really engage those lateral thinking skills. 

The look and feel: You'll notice that we've designed the PDF to be quite plain - neutral - so you have control over the final look of the page. We also didn't want to influence anyone's interpretation of the prompts or their creative style.

Sample prompts:

A creature sitting on a throne with a staff

Prompt: Someone or something that's watching, gazing or glaring

A colourful snail

Prompt: Something that moves slowly

A sea monster surprising two boaters

Prompt: A sea monster 

Prompt: A mirror with a reflection in it

Prompt: Four or more puzzle pieces, either together or apart

Prompt: Balloons floating away

Sample page showing Danger Ahead sketch
Prompt: A sign that says "Danger Ahead" (you can draw just the sign or include a scene as well)

Sample page for Draw Stuff: An uppercase letter A with horns and teeth
Prompt: An uppercase letter A with animal features

Draw Stuff Sample: A winged creature battling a dino
Prompt: Something hurtling through the air

Some more straightforward prompts:
  • A traffic light
  • An apple core
  • Bunny ears
  • A zoomed in part of a dragon or all of a dragon
  • A maze or a zoomed-in part of a maze
  • An emoji tower

More interpretive prompts:
  • A bird with something unexpected coming out of its beak
  • Something sharp
  • Something defying the laws of gravity
  • An object that's come to life
  • A picture inspired by the word 'obsessed'
  • An image inspired by a fear or phobia that you have
  • An image of someone/something (or you) overcoming that phobia
  • An image with the shape of a candle hidden in it
  • An image of someone or something experiencing an intense emotion

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Size of file: 1.89 MB | 110 pages

Paper size: 8.5" x 11"

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