Would You Rather? Critical Thinking Cards

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  • Our¬†DIGITAL/SINGLE CARD¬†version is created¬†with one card per page that is easily viewed on a¬†digital device. Depending on the program you use, you¬†may want to choose the "single page" setting¬†for ideal viewing.
  • Our¬†PRINTABLE/CUTTABLE¬†version is ideal for printing and then cutting¬†into¬†cards along the dotted line. There are 8 cards per page. (For sturdier cards, you may want to use card stock.)¬†


About these cards

Our Would You Rather cards are full of fun and light-hearted content, but they also offer a solid critical thinking workout for the brain.

Whether used in a group or independently (just print the sheets and circle your choice), you'll need to tap into your thinking skills to grasp possible outcomes, infer implications and predict potential consequences of each choice. 

You can raise the thinking required by expressing - either verbally or through writing - the reasons behind why you made your choice.

There are 150 cards in total. Most have one question per card, while some feature three short Would You Rathers for some quick on-the-spot thinking.


Sample sheet of eight Would You Rather cards

The above image represents the printable/cuttable cards. Below are samples from the single card pack.

Sample 1 Would You Rather card
Sample 2 Would You Rather card
Sample 3 Would You Rather card
Sample 4 Would You Rather Card


Printing: The printable pages are created on standard letter size, 8.5" x 11". 

Age range: Pretty much for all ages.

Size of file: single card/digital - 150 pages, 443 KB |  printable -  23 pages, 242 KB

Created: 2022

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