Ultimate Categories: Creative Thinking Cards (PDF)

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This package includes two PDFs:

  • Our¬†DIGITAL/SINGLE CARD¬†version is created¬†with one card per page that is easily viewed on a¬†digital device.¬†
  • Our¬†PRINTABLE/CUTTABLE¬†version has¬†8 cards per page. It is ideal for printing and then cutting¬†into¬†cards along the dotted lines.


How to use these cards

We give you the category header and you come up with items that could go in that category. We suggest coming up with three items per card, but you can add more if you want to stretch the brain. 

Our aim is to challenge the mind to imagine different ideas and to get you thinking creatively, laterally and flexibly - such prized and timeless skills. 

These 120 cards also offer a ton of range. So prepare to think on the spot and outside the box as you tackle categories that are original, imaginative, sometimes tricky and occasionally (or often) silly.

Sample cards


Ultimate Categories sample card 1
Ultimate Categories Sample Card 2
Ultimate Categories sample card 3
Ultimate Categories sample card 4
Ultimate Categories sample card 5
Ultimate Categories sample card 6
Ultimate Categories sample card 7



Age range: We'd say around 9-ish and up. 

Printing: The printable pages are created for standard letter size, 8.5" x 11". 

Size of file: single cards package - 125 pages, 833 KB |  printable package -  18 pages, 270 KB

Created: 2023

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