A Collection of Unusual Animals: Draw, Write, Create

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In this ultra quirky PDF, kids will:

  • Stretch their capacity to interpret ideas
  • Tell stories visually
  • Take risks expressing their unique style

It also offers kids an unintimidating chance to explore short-form writing as they practice creating text-based content to accompany their illustration.

Whether the pages are used in-the-moment or for longer stretches of dedicated imagination time, they offer a simple concept that work for any level, helping to build confidence in one's ability to be creative. 

(Plus, the theme is focused on animals, which always adds to the fun factor, whether for kids, teens or even adults.)

How it's set up:

  • This pack includes 50 printable pages that feature a title at the top that tells you about the animal.
  • Underneath the title is a frame/box or a series of boxes where you create an image or images that reflect the title.
  • Underneath the image is a section where you add a short, fun caption that gives more information about your animal.
  • You'll also find a set of blank templates at the end of the pack so kids (or anyone) can come up with their own titles and animals.

The series of four boxes: 

On these pages, the four boxes can be used to tell a story (comic strip style), to show a progression of the animal featuring the different stages of how it turned into its unusual self, or to create different images of your animal expressing its quality in different ways.

The captions:

Underneath the image is an area for a caption. This is a place to practice writing by creating a single blurb to expand on the animal. Just follow our prompts - they're fun, open-ended and can help inspire kids/teens to create interesting text-based content and explore risk-taking with their writing.

Sample Page the Daredevil Pig


Sample Page World's Tallest Giraffe


Sample page Nasty Naughty Narwhal


Sample Page Unlucky Snail


Sample Page Talented Turtles

What else to know:

  • Kids can use word and thought bubbles to help convey their story/message.
  • They may want to look up pictures of the animal t help know how to draw it.
  • Being good at drawing is not a prerequisite! Stick figures and simple shapes can be great.

FYI: This book is inspired by our former mini-book Animal Squares, and includes some of the titles found in that book.


The pages are created on standard letter size, 8.5" x 11". 

Note: you can scale down the size of the page elements if you want by adjusting the scale when you print. For example, for teens or even adults you may want to print at 90% scale, so the pages look more compact and less geared to children.

Age range: Pretty much for all ages (reading/writing age and up)

Size of file: 2.9 MB | 60 pages

Created: 2022

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