A Book of Questions for Future Decision Makers (PDF Package)

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Description & Sample Pages

A Book of Questions for Future Decision Makers is full of critical thinking & conversations in-the-making, and serves as an informal yet awesome introduction to civics.

We packed it full of the kind of content that kids love to engage with. For instance:

  • Kids get to analyze hypothetical laws, leaders & societies.
  • They'll tackle age-old philosophical questions.
  • They'll think about their take on today's headline-making trends.
  • Throughout it all they will be contemplating the kind of society and future they wish to help create.

For educators, this book can also inspire more formal assignments, from paragraph writing to small group discussions to class debates.

FYI We have a Workbook companion to this book, which is now available as a PDF. Also note that A Book of Questions is part of our Critical Thinking & Conversation Trilogy, which includes Decisions & Dilemmas & Agree or Disagree

Sample pages (which like all our materials are simply designed & distraction-free):






The material in this PDF is versatile. It can be used independently (just by thinking about the questions on one's own) or it can be used interactively with family, friends, in the classroom, etc.

Age range: We'd say in terms of thinking skills it's good for about 10 or 11-ish to teens (and up), but younger kids want to have their say too! 

Pages: 54 (print file) | 107 (device viewing file)

Published: 2019; updated 2021; Toronto 

File size: 183 KB (print file) 524 KB (device viewing file)


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