Illustrate the Story


Download Danger on the Emerald Sea!

Our free 10-page original Furious Think children's story is designed for illustrators and creators of any age.

How does it work?

Creators young and old can use the space on the page to design an original illustration based on the story, whether that's an elaborate drawing or a single item from the scene. Each page offers story text accompanied by a blank canvas to inspire imaginations.

Front page of a story, Danger on the Emerald Sea, that includes space for illustrators of any age to create a drawing


Danger on the Emerald Sea is a simple story about a boy who encounters some angry fish and a hidden witch on his voyage. The story emphasizes colours.

This image depicts a hand drawing of a pair of flying dolphins. The illustration accompanies the story text

Don't like drawing?

For those not big on drawing, that's okay. The space can be used to design things like word searches, mazes, crossword puzzles, book club questions, alternate story ideas, or whatever solution the imagination comes up with. The page is flexible. 

Keep in mind: the size of the blank spaces varies across the pages. Like always, illustrators will have to create within the available space.

***So it kinda goes without saying, but please remember that Danger on the Emerald Sea is copyright of Furious Think!