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X Marks the Spot: Knowledge, Curiosity, Figuring It Out

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What it's all about

X Marks the Spot is a bit like a scavenger hunt, but instead of collecting physical items, you're collecting answers. 

Getting the answers might entail hitting the Internet or library, drawing on what you already know, or simply exercising your brain to work out the solution.

Our ultimate goal with this PDF is to get kids/teens exposed to and curious about a huge range of topics, while also:

  • helping improve focus
  • sparking curiosity
  • building up some knowledge
  • honing the ability to process & find information
  • exercising critical and creative thinking
  • strengthening the ability to find accurate information on the Internet!!
  • And, if desired, this PDF can serve as a gateway for deeper learning (more on this below)

Most of all, we’ve tried to make the topics interesting and fun.

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Age range: roughly grades 6 to high school 

Sample pages:

Sample page from our e-book X Marks the Spot
A sample page from our X Marks the Spot e-book. Page 65
Educators! Like all of our PDFs, we've enabled copying, so that you can copy and paste the content if you want to customize your own assignments.

More questions you'll encounter:

  • Your guess of what the three most-populated cities in the world are vs. the actual three most-populated cities in the world.
  • Unscramble! The year the planet Neptune was discovered: 6 8 1 4
  • One way you can say “yes” in the most popular language spoken in the country that is directly southwest of the country that Nouakchott is the capital of.
  • A major storm that occurred anywhere in the world in the year of your birth.
  • A top 10 list that capybaras could be on.
  • Two tips for surviving in the desert.
  • What the Latin root word “aud” means.
  • Three laws that most countries probably have.
  • An explanation of why E is the next letter in the sequence: O T T F F S S
  • One rule for preserving old books so they don’t get ruined.
What else to know: 
  • There are 100 activity sheets. Pages 1 to 29 have six questions each, while pages 30 to 100 have seven.  
  • We’ve drawn on a massive range of subject areas. Questions might touch on history, geography or science; vocabulary, languages or myth; animals, weather or food; as well as sports, art or practical everyday knowledge. And we’ve also included an awesome array of weird and random trivia.
  • Some questions might contain an unfamiliar word or concept – that means you’ll need to look up the word/concept first to determine next steps.
  • We've added an Answer Guide for only those questions that have specific answers to our Extras section of the website.

Options for deeper learning

With its incredible range of content, X Marks the Spot can also be used as a tool for deeper learning.

For example, students can select questions/answers of interest and research the topic – or a related topic – further. That research can then be used to:

  • Write a paragraph of the day, report, article or essay
  • Create compelling explainer videos, presentations, slideshows
  • Design & write “Did you know” social media cards, infographics, maps, pamphlets, posters or artwork
  • Draw timelines
  • Create conversation and writing prompts
  • Whatever else you can think of

Ages: Grades 6-ish and up

Size of file: 359 KB | 104 pages

Paper size: 8.5" x 11"

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