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Nonsense Arguments: The Art of Persuasion Cards


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This package includes two PDFs:

  • Our¬†DIGITAL/SINGLE CARD¬†version is created¬†with one card per page that is easily viewed on a¬†digital device.¬†
  • Our¬†PRINTABLE/CUTTABLE¬†version has¬†8 cards per page. It is ideal for printing and then cutting¬†into¬†cards along the dotted lines.


What are these cards for?

If you're looking for an activity to exercise kids' and teens' ability to make arguments, persuade an audience and express a viewpoint convincingly, this PDF would be it.

We heart this package. It'll give those critical, creative and lateral thinking skills a maximum-level workout - and it's mega-fun.

How does it work?

Like this: We’ve created 88 totally non-sensical proposals, but you have to imagine they're serious. You must pretend they're real and come up with ways to support or oppose the outlandish ideas.

It might help to imagine it’s some point in the future or some parallel universe and that someone somewhere is truly proposing these ideas and people are truly considering them - and now you have to join the debate.

You will need to zero in on your critical thinking skills AND your imagination to come up with arguments to support OR oppose each idea. (FYI Finding ways to support the proposals, is no easy feat, but it's also super fun!) 



Sample card from our Nonsense Arguments card pack
Sample card #6 from our Nonsense Arguments card pack
Sample card #3 from our Nonsense Arguments card pack
Sample card #4 from our Nonsense Arguments card pack
Sample card #5 from our Nonsense Arguments card pack

Ways to use these cards:

Use these cards for awesome discussions in either large or small groups. You can brainstorm argument ideas, consider unintended consequences and work the imagination to explore what could be happening inside a society that would cause such a proposal to be considered a genuine solution.

Besides having discussions, you can also stage formal debates, either one-on-one or in teams. You can have fun with impromptu mini-speeches. You can use the cards as writing prompts for persuasive essays or even fiction. Or anything else you can think of.


Age range: We'd say around 10-ish and up. 

Printing: The printable pages are created for standard letter size, 8.5" x 11". 

Size of file: single cards package - 93 pages, 778 KB |  printable package -  14 pages, 781 KB

Created: 2023

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