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103 Ethical Dilemmas, Questions & What Ifs (PDF Package)

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What it's all about

‚öĖÔłŹ Yes, we created an entire ebook devoted to¬†ethical dilemmas.¬†These questions¬†are designed to¬†spark¬†intriguing, multi-layered¬†conversations and to get everyone thinking about what they'd do in some¬†not so clear-cut situations.¬†¬†


  • Most of this content targets that 9 to teen cohort.
  • However!¬†We have also included a dozen scenarios that might be more appropriate for older kids, as they touch on subjects that can involve death or violence or that require more complex thinking.
  • These appear at the end and¬†are identified by¬†a¬†hand¬†icon ‚úč. Just have a read and gauge for yourself if those questions are appropriate for your students/kids.¬†

Sample pages (which like all our materials are simply designed & distraction-free):


Ethical dilemma sample page - scenario 54
Ethical dilemma sample page - scenario 11
Ethical dilemma sample page - scenario 5
Ethical dilemma sample page - scenario 58
Ethical dilemma sample page - scenario 4
Ethical dilemma sample page - scenario 57
Ethical dilemma sample page - scenario 98
FYI: the above scenario represents one of the mature scenarios with the icon indicating as such.

As with the other titles in this series, the scenarios here offer a great opportunity for conversation, debate and/or written assignments.
Age range: ideal for grade 7 and up, but there's a ton in here for younger kids too. As mentioned, this ebook includes scenarios at the end (from 90 - 103) that may be better suited to older kids. Those scenarios are identified with a hand icon. 


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  • We've also made the PDF copyable. If you're an educator, this means you can copy & paste the text you want into assignments of your choice.

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Published: 2023; Toronto 

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