Ultimate Categories: Book, Game, Challenge (FT Minis series)

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This simple-looking book can draw out incredibly rich thinking, especially when it comes to one of the keys to life: the ability to generate different ideas for any given situation, knowing the first one may not be right.

To do this activity, kids will need to be clever. They'll have to think on the spot and outside the box as they tackle categories that are original, imaginative, sometimes silly, and often surprising.

Our 4" x 6" Minis are casual, staple-bound books that are a fun size made with kids in mind.

Ultimate Categories Sample page 1
Ultimate Categories Sample question 89 and 90

This book can be done in different ways, depending on preference.

For instance, kids can do this book on their own, at a pace they choose. Or they can turn it into a challenge where they work each day toward completing all 120 questions/scenarios.

This book can also be turned into simple games that you can do together, and we include a few options in the intro pages. 

Ultimate Categories Sample page 2
Ultimate Categories Sample Questions 91 and 92

The beauty with this simple activity is that it doesn't mean thinking simplistically.

Kids will be stretching their brains to think as creatively and laterally as possible, and to interpret the categories in unique and unexpected ways, which are such prized skills nowadays.

Ultimate Categories Sample page 3
We love this book!


Age range: we made this pretty much for all ages, and especially for that 9-13+ cohort.


Pages: 64 | Dimensions: 4" x 6"
ISBN: 978-1-9991304-2-8 | Published: 2020, Toronto 
Cover: uncoated cover stock, saddle-stitched (staple bound)

This book is recyclable - including the cover! - and made with FSC-certified paper. 



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