Can You Listicle? Power Up Your Brain!

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You've seen them before - listicles are everywhere. They're those articles that give you tips, tricks, advice and how-to's in list form. 

In this little book of listicles, we put kids in charge.

Can you listicle sample page 1

We avoid subject matter that's best left to actual experts. Instead, our topics work for any age or level. 

Kids can write in the pages, and personalize them if they want with doodles and illustrations. Or they can simply use the books verbally with family/friends for some awesome conversations. 

Can you listicle animal sample

Though lots of fun, the concept is also deceptively brain-building.

The topics require critical, creative and flexible thinking. Cleverness is an asset, as is the ability to scour every crevice of experience, observation and knowledge that's tucked away in one's individual brain. Mental stamina will be built!

Listicles sample page

When used collaboratively, this book will also get you swapping stories, debating unusual topics and discussing cool ideas. For parents/guardians... you will get a real glimpse into how your kids think!

More examples of our listicles include:

  • 6 downsides to spending too much time on screens;
  • The 7 worst gifts to give a lazy kid;
  • 5 mistakes restaurants make that can get them bad reviews;
  • 8 thoughtful gifts to send someone who's stranded on a desert island;
  • 8 tips for fairy tale princesses who want to learn how to self-rescue.

Can You Listicle? features a simple, distraction-free design. It is GREAT to have on hand during car rides, over vacations, and for anytime-anywhere conversations. (Also, helpful for when the wi-fi goes out!)

Age range: 9 - 99



Pages: 106 | Dimensions: 5" x 7" (Perfect bound)
978-1-9994415-9-3 | Published: 2019, Toronto 
Cover: uncoated (non-laminated) cover stock, soft cover

This book is 100% recyclable (including the covers!) and made with FSC-certified paper. Because we don't laminate our covers, a slight fray can sometimes appear on the top corner of the spine.



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