A Book of Questions For Future Decision Makers: Workbook Edition

NOTE: This is edition is for the physical book of which we have limited stock. If you are looking for the PDF please visit this page.

This book is all about challenging young minds by getting youth to express their ideas in writing, on a huge range of topics that will interest and engage them.

What you need to know:

  • You will find the same questions in this workbook as in our original Book of Questions version, along with some additional questions. 
  • The main difference is the original version focuses on thinking and conversation, and is also compact, so it's great for taking on-the-go.
  • Instead, this workbook revolves around transforming thinking into writing - a process that encourages kids to focus and clarify their ideas and thoughts in order to express them concisely, coherently and persuasively. 
  • To keep things interesting, we use a variety of writing formats, from short paragraphs, to longer-form writing, to lists and charts, even script-writing and fiction.  

Age range: If kids are working with this book independently, we estimate grades 6 to high school. If this book is being used by educators, the content can work for kids who are also a little younger. Please see the below sample pages.

Sample pages:

Sample page 1 for A Book of Questions

Sample page for A Book of Questions
A book of questions sample page
A Book of Questions - Sample page 61
A Book of Questions - Sample page 29
A Book of Questions - Sample page 30



Pages: 138 (20 pages are lined for notes at the end of the book) | Dimensions: 7.5" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1-9991304-5-9 Published: 2020, Toronto 
Cover: soft cover, coil bound