Writing Challenge Example


Below is an example of a writing challenge for our What's the Story? book. It accompanies this very first scenario:

Where is everyone? (p. 6)
In the opening scene of a movie you are writing, a student arrives at school on a regular Wednesday morning, but no one else is there and no one ever shows up. What could explain why no one is at school but this one student?

Read how 12-year-old Jamie R. of Ontario used this scenario to create an original story (and a bonus illustration!) called...


Brutus the Brute & the Savage Gobbles

Illustration accompanying the story Brutus the Brute featuring turkeys eyeing Brutus


Brutus the Brute was going to school on the public transit, but he just felt something wasn’t right. It was too quiet for this lively town. At that moment, the bus turned onto his school’s street, and Brutus heard a faint sound. 

Gobble, gobble, gobble.

He thought nothing of it since he had seen turkeys in the circus before. But when Brutus the Brute got off the bus, he saw not a soul. He didn’t see Barry the Buttered and he didn’t even see Thomas the Talkative. When he entered the schoolyard, there was no one there. At all.

He was sure it was Wednesday and yet no kids or teachers were anywhere to be seen. Brutus the Brute decided to go inside of Bloomberries Elementary School. As he opened the door the gobbling got louder and louder and louder.


That’s when he saw the most TERRIFYING thing ever.

There were hundreds of thousands turkeys. They were in the stairs, in the classrooms, even outside the cafeteria.

Then all of the gobble gobble gobble ceased and, all in sync, the turkey heads turned and locked onto Brutus’ face. The turkeys began inching closer and closer and closer. Brutus the Brute ran out of the school and onto the street. The turkeys followed, savagely gobbling. The chase had begun.

Brutus had a good start, but every time he turned there were turkeys savagely gobbling.

At last, Brutus the Brute was surrounded.

He thought about fighting those terrible turkeys, but one look at their talons was enough to toss that idea in the trash.

The turkeys circled him, then split apart to reveal the ugliest turkey Brutus had ever seen. The turkey looked as though it had been pounded into a strange hexagon-like shape. The ugly hexagon turkey stepped closer and revealed a claw like no other claw. Brutus the Brute shivered.

But instead of using the claw like no other, the  hexagon turkey started to gobble a whole bunch of slow gobbles. And in unison all the other turkeys gobbled in slow gobbles.


The gobbles put Brutus into a trance and Brutus started to gobble along with all the turkeys. Brutus’s body shrunk. It twisted. And then with a POP, Brutus the Brute was turned into a turkey.


The End.

Thank you Jamie for sharing your story - we love it!!