Can You Listicle? Power Up Your Brain! (PDF)

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You've seen them before - listicles are everywhere!

They're those fun (sometimes over-the-top ūüėú) articles that give you tips, tricks, advice and how-to's in list form.

In this PDF - which you can print if you choose - we've put kids in charge. And they can exercise their critical, creative, lateral & strategic thinking skills to be insightful, silly, brilliant and/or downright weird to complete each listicle.

FYI We've transformed our physical Can You Listicle? book into this convenient-to-access 50-page PDF that features 85 listicles. It's designed in landscape orientation, like this:

Can You Listicle sample page, featuring two listicles side by side on a horizontal page


NOTE: We avoid subject matter that's best left to actual experts. Instead, our topics work for any age or level. 

Kids can write in the pages, and personalize them if they want with doodles and illustrations. But they can also use this content verbally for some awesome conversations.

Can You Listicle sample page four featuring list of animals


Can You Listicle Sample page 3 featuring two listicles

When used collaboratively, this book will also get you swapping stories, debating unusual topics and discussing cool ideas.

More examples of our listicles include:

  • 6 downsides to spending too much time on screens;
  • The 7 worst gifts to give a lazy kid;
  • 5 mistakes restaurants make that can get them bad reviews;
  • 8 thoughtful gifts to send someone who's stranded on a deserted island;
  • 8 tips for fairy tale princesses who want to learn how to self-rescue.

Age range: 9 - 99

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