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Tales of Everything: Summon Your Knowledge of Movies, Shows and Books (FT Minis Series)

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Overall, our 4 x 6 Minis are simple-looking, mostly staple-bound books. They're fun, casual and kinda awesome.

Tales of Everything is inspired by our love of movies, shows and books. 

It works a bit like a scavenger hunt, but instead of finding objects, you find (in your mind) the movies, shows and books that match the given theme or idea.

All throughout, kids will unknowingly be growing valuable thinking skills.

They'll be: 

  • building their verbal skills to retell scenes and to describe characters and events
  • making connections, as well as comparing and contrasting ideas
  • working their memories to recall storylines
  • analyzing the different ways themes can apply to various stories
  • (you might also find it interesting relating the themes/ideas to real-life events, people and history)

If they prefer to use it on their own, kids (and adults!) can write in the white space. It may not tidy, but we whole-heartedly believe that thinking is messy work.

Tales of Everything Sample page 1
Sample page with handwritten notes for Tales of Everything

You can use this book by just crossing off themes as you go. (Tip: don't just come up with the same movie over and over - branch out! Think of all the different things you've seen and read.)

Or you can find ways to gamify it. Attention educators: this book also offers a rich trove of content from which to create writing assignments.

Tales of Everything Sample page 2


Tales of Everything Sample page 3

There are 206 themes and ideas in this book. 

For young writers, check out Hey You, Write creative writing journal that accompanies this book.

Age range: This is truly a book for all ages - and great for an inter-generational activity. Some themes may be difficult for ages 8 and under, but there are plenty of options that little ones can weigh in on.


Pages: 56 | Dimensions: 4" x 6" (coil bound)
ISBN: 978-1-9991304-6-6 | Published: 2020, Toronto 
Cover: soft cover



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