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hey you, WRITE: fiction edition

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This simple journal-like book is not about teaching young people how to write, it's about getting them to write - and to use their brain in true Furious Think fashion. 

  • This book requires imaginative problem-solving, cause & effect thinking, strategy, and what-if style brainstorming. 
  • It inspires reflection, curiosity, cleverness and creative risk-taking.
  • It also encourages empathy because you're always putting yourself in your characters' shoes.
  • (Oh, and it provides a screen-free escape from the realities of the day. Yay!)

How it works:

  • Hey You, Write accompanies our mini-book Tales of Everything: Summon Your Knowledge of Movies, Shows & Books - but you don't need that book to do this one.
  • We've chosen 30 themes and ideas from the Tales of Everything mini, and from those themes you create your own stories.
  • The pages come in a series of four: a grid page that tells you your theme and allows you to think about the kind of story you will write. (Grid elements are defined in the intro pages of the book.)


Hey you, write sample page
  • Following the grid page are three lined pages for which to tell your story (or a scene from a larger story that you've imagined). 
  • Some themes are straightforward, and you may realize right away how to create a story that expresses them. But other themes will require you to really think.
Hey you write sample spread


Samples of other themes/ideas are:

  • A character attends a new school.
  • A fearsome or hideous character secretly has a heart of gold.
  • A character faces a dilemma that is a lose-lose situation. 
  • Creepy crawlies are everywhere.

Bite-sized stories 

In the middle of the book you'll also find 10 pages that feature simple writing prompts for creating a one-page (or as we call it - a bite-sized) story. 

>> Visit our Tales of Everything book description to learn more about the mini Hey you, Write is based on!

Age range: It's largely dependent on the individual. We would put the minimum age at around 9.


Pages: 135 | Dimensions: 6.5" x 9" (spiral bound)
ISBN: 978-1-9991304-7-3 | Published: 2020, Toronto; updated 2021
Cover: soft cover; uncoated cover stock

This book is 100% recyclable and made with FSC-certified paper. 


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