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Animal Squares: Portraits & Profiles (FT Minis Series)

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Our 4x6 Minis are casual, staple-bound books that feature a simple format & size that kids really like! Here's what to know about this Mini:

  • Animal Squares is fun, incredibly easy-to-do & opens up the creative mind, which is so valuable at any time, but especially right now.
  • It focuses entirely on animals, because like a lot of kids, we're huge animal-lovers!
  • And, yes, we know they're rectangles, but Animal Rectangles just doesn't have the same ring to it.

How it works

  • On the left page, kids create an image based on how they interpret a given title.
  • On the right page, they have the opportunity to write a brief profile of that animal (like what a narrator might say about that animal in a nature documentary).
  • There are also blank titles for kids to create their own ideas.

Sample pages: (note the first two sample pages are from our updated version in which kids can also write a brief profile of their animal).

Sample page for Animal Squares: The Wise Rabbit


Animal Squares sample page: The Breathtaking Bazoobluecow

Animal Squares Sample Image: The Mad Scientist Octopus


Animal Squares Sample Image - Daredevil Pig

Animal Squares Sample Armoured Whale


This book - like the series - is flexible.

It's good for in-the-moment acts of creativity, but also for longer stretches of dedicated brain time. 

Age range: All ages (reading age and up)


Pages: 64 | Dimensions: 4" x 6"
ISBN: 978-1-9991304-3-5 | Published: 2020, Toronto 
Cover: uncoated cover stock, saddle-stitched (staple bound)

This mini is recyclable - including the cover! - and made with FSC-certified paper. 



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