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What's the Story? Put Your Creative Thinking Skills to the Test

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Adults¬†be warned.¬†In this unique Furious Think favourite, we don't just stick to the point of view of the good guys. After all, what are stories without both heroes and villains? ūüĎĽ

How it works: We provide a story problem and young people put their creative thinking skills to the test to come up with imaginative solutions and ideas. There are 111 scenarios.

Overall, kids will:

  • come up with genius story twists, motives¬†& alternate realities
  • decide how they could fracture a few fairy tales
  • figure out¬†how¬†their hero will overcome challenges
  • come up with what deep dark childhood secrets¬†their villains are hiding and what plans they have to wreak havoc on the world (bwa-ha-ha!)
  • practice the art of show don't tell & imagine compelling backstories

Sample pages:


What's the Story Sample page 1
What's the Story Sample Page, Scenario 5
What's the Story Sample Page, Scenario 31
What's the Story Sample page, scenario 97
What's the Story sample page, scenario 26
What's the Story sample page, scenario 50


FYI This book can be used collaboratively, making for some amazing creative discussions. Or, kids/teens can use it independently, thinking about the solutions on their own.

We're also big fans of writing! And this book serves as an incredible trove of scenarios that can double as writing prompts. Kids can just grab a journal/notepad and write their solutions and/or create scenes & stories based on their ideas.

Age range: It really depends. We would say the minimum age is roughly 9 or 10-ish, and there is no max age. Please check out the sample pages above! 


Pages: 123 
Dimensions: 5" x 7"
ISBN: 978-1-990301-01-8
Published: updated version 2021, Toronto
Binding: Perfect bound


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