Critical Thinking Pack: Think, Talk, Imagine


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Offer runs until December 10, while quantities of our multipack last


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This Multipack includes 7 books & mini-books. You get:

  • A ton of creative dilemmas, scenarios, debate topics and questions, from the philosophical & ethical, to the fun & outlandish.
  • So many conversation possibilities ❤️ (which means you can secretly help boost their verbal skills and confidence 🙌 )
  • Flexibility: kids can also use these books on their own if they want - adults are not required. 
  • If you're looking for more, this content can be transformed into surveys/polls, paragraph writing, fiction writing, essay topics, research projects, formal debates, etc.
  • Books that are compact (5x7 and 4x6) & lightweight so they can be easily thumbed through and taken on-the-go.
  • Simplicity. Just open the books and start - the pages are distraction-free, the language is clear, the font is easy-on-the-eye.

To view sample pages & descriptions click the titles:

  • Decisions & Dilemmas: 100 wide-ranging scenarios that keep things fun while testing & exercising those all-important decision-making skills.
  • Agree or Disagree?: 110 engaging debate topics & questions to help strengthen the ability to reason, persuade and build an argument.
  • A Book of Questions: 99 interesting scenarios & topics that get kids thinking about what kind of society they want to live in - and how they can help build it.
  • What's the Story?: 111 story problems/questions that'll get kids/teens working their imagination and putting their creative thinking skills to the test.
  • (mini-book!) Random Conversations: 200 conversation starters designed to help grow this fundamental human skill.
  • (mini-book!) Ultimate CategoriesKids will lean on their lateral thinking skills to complete categories that are original & imaginative.
  • (mini-book!) Tales of EverythingIt's like a scavenger hunt, but instead of finding objects, you find (in your mind) the movies, shows & books that contain the specified theme or idea. Great for movie buffs!

Plus, until Dec 10 (while quantities of our multipack last), you'll also receive a FREE PDF of Amazing Brain with this order, via email.



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