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Storyboard Notebook

  NOTE: The newest version of this notebook has a white coil at the side so it lies perfectly flat when using.

With this unique coil-bound notebook/journal, kids are free to create their own storyboards, of any length - whether that's a story which is six boxes or six pages long. They can draw their storyboards, write them, or both. 


    Storyboard Sample Page Little Red Riding Hood


    This book is 6.5" x 9" (the size of The Storyboard Challenge) and includes 100 pages of storyboard templates, with 6 storyboard boxes per page. 

    Our new edition of this book has an amazing-looking grey-blue cover with a white coil at the side, so it lies perfectly flat. 

    Kids can use this book to create storyboards:

    There's also room at the top of the pages to add titles, or you can use the first box to feature a title.

     That's all there is to it - just have fun making stuff up and enjoy!


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