Furious Think Notebooks

On This Day Journal


This journal offers a place to list the things that happen on a given day - the things that interest and matter to the one this journal belongs to. It's a personal record of how the "curator in charge" would remember the day.

For example, you can list:

  • personal events, milestones, things you did, things you saw, things that happened
  • little moments that you might otherwise forget
  • any news events you think are or should be history-worthy
  • things worth noting that you saw or posted on social media

The set-up of the page is, in true Furious Think fashion, simple.

At the top of the page: beside OTD (which stands for On This Day), you write the date. Then you use the lines on the page to list your moments, memories and history.

At the bottom of the page: there is a place to include a final thought of the day. This might be a moment of the day, a lesson of the day, a wish of the day, the thing you're grateful for or looking forward to, or a hashtag that sums up the day. 

We created this journal to encourage young people to observe, reflect upon and remember their experiences both big and small, and to connect those experiences to the timeline and context of events that are shaping our future.

As well, it serves as a great way for kids to remember their stories, so they can retell those stories - giving them something to contribute when the conversation calls for it. 

Age range: any age, you just need to be able to write.

Book details:

Dimensions: 6 x 8, with a white coil at the side, soft cover | Pages: 128 | Published: 2021, Toronto



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