Decisions & Dilemmas: 100 Scenarios to Build Critical Thinking & Inspire Conversations

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From the silly to the strategic to the downright philosophical, the 100 scenarios in this expanded edition will get kids & teens (and adults!) grappling with some kind of dilemma in which the choices are - just like life - imperfect.

It's a fun way to activate those higher order thinking skills. 🤔

Decisions & Dilemmas is:

  • compact (5x7, 114 pages) 
  • a source of EPIC conversations (across levels, grades, generations)
  • our #1 seller

Sample pages:

Decisions & Dilemmas sample page #1
Scenario #8 for Decisions & Dilemmas
Decisions & Dilemmas sample page #2>


Decisions & Dilemmas sample page #3
Scenario #56 for Decisions & Dilemmas
Decisions & Dilemmas sample page #4

Decisions & Dilemmas sample page #6
Decisions & Dilemmas sample page #7


Overall, kids will think critically as they:

  • weigh consequences & ethics
  • analyze risk vs rewards, pros vs cons, costs vs benefits
  • tap into their philosophical mind
  • imagine circumstances, outcomes & the domino effect
  • make the tough call

This book offers great skills that can be applied at school, in the home and on social media - as well as any boardroom.

Age range: Roughly ages 9 to teen. (This is an estimate, it's pretty much an all ages book. Please view the Sample Pages above.)

Decisions and Dilemmas is part of our Critical Thinking and Conversations trilogy, which also includes Agree or Disagree? and A Book of Questions.


Pages: 114 | Dimensions: 5" x 7" (perfect bound)
ISBN: 978-1-9994415-3-1 | Published: 2019; updated 2021; Toronto 
Cover: soft cover


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