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Creative Magic - Transforming Ideas Into Images and Words

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FYI please note - this book is bound with a white coil at the side so it lies perfectly flat. The product image will be updated as soon as we can.

This book has such a simple concept and kids love it. Plus... it's relevant.

  • Kids will exercise their ability to play with concepts, interpret ideas, tell stories, communicate visually and express themselves - whether they spend hours on a page or just a few minutes.
  • As they practice creating, they'll show their personality and style. They'll strengthen their creative confidence.
  • And, bonus, they'll unknowingly build a mind that doesn't collapse when boredom strikes - or the wifi goes out!


How it works

We provide a simple title - an idea - and kids come up with an image and/or text that goes with it.

The titles range from the quirky to the inspiring to the fun. Some titles are fill in the blanks.

Sample image for Creative Magic


Sample page from Creative Magic featuring an image called Wild Popcorn
Sample page for Creative Magic featuring a snail on wheels


Sample page from Creative Magic featuring images called Cats With Style
Psst: The latest version features rectangles with rounded corners, new titles and titles on every page, pages that also include four squares (like above), and a brand new cover

Maria the Merciless for creative magic

ABOVE: a story accompanying a fill-in-the-blank title, Maria the Merciless


Penguin image for Creative Magic

ABOVE: a short story and drawing for a fill-in-the-blank that was called, the Penguin with Knives!


By firing the imagination and allowing it to take risks and to explore and to be generally unfettered, the end-result can be rather magical.

Shark image for Creative Magic


 Other titles include:

  • A fish out of water.
  • Small but mighty.
  • A light in the darkness.
  • __________ galore.
  • The robot that longs to be a __________.

Creative Magic is perfect for in-the-moment acts of creativity and it's a wonderful offline option when it's time to turn the screens off. 

Age range: All ages.
Size: 6" x 8", coil-bound at side (soft cover)
Pages: 100
ISBN: 978-1-9994415-8-6
Year printed: 2020 (Toronto)
Cover: uncoated (non-laminated) cover stock, soft cover

All the pages, including the cover, are recyclable.


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